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Book Club Articles

Learn more about the research and developmental studies behind the Book Club methodology.

Below are links to research articles and abstracts written by Book Club authors. The links are housed at the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA) Website, an organization dedicated to understanding the learning and teaching of reading.

Understanding Culture in Our Lives and Work:
Teachers' Literature Study in the Book Club Program


By: Taffy E. Raphael, Karen Damphousse, Kathy Highfield, and Susan Florio-Ruane

Book Club Workshop:
Learning about language and literacy through culture

By: Taffy E. Raphael

Thinking for Ourselves:
Literacy Learning in a Diverse Teacher Inquiry Network

By: Taffy E. Raphael, Susan Florio-Ruane, Marcella Kehus, MariAnne George, Nina Hasty, Kathy Highfield

Reading Lives:
Creating and Sustaining Learning about Culture and Literacy Education in Teacher Study Groups

By: Susan Florio-Ruane, Michigan State University and Taffy E. Raphael, Oakland University

What Counts as Teacher Research?
An essay from the Book Club Plus Group

Transformative Practices for Literacy Teaching and Learning:
A Complicated Agenda for Literacy Researchers

By: Taffy E. Raphael, University of Illinois at Chicago and SchoolRise LLC; Kathryn H. Au, SchoolRise LLC; Jacquelynn S. Popp, University of Illinois at Chicago