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At Small Planet, we're committed to developing and sharing materials that help teachers and students. If you have a project or idea that you'd like to discuss, if you'd like to learn more about us and the products we're developing, or if you're interested in testing new materials in your classroom, please let us know.

Book Club

Read about the Book Club program and see what everybody's talking about. Created by Dr. Taffy Raphael and a team of classroom teachers, this literature-based curriculum develops the reading, writing, and conversational skills of students in grades four through eight. Visit Planet Book Club or Order Books and Materials.

The Age of Imperialism

Our annotated history unit covers the early years of United States expansionism. There's also a Teacher's Guide available for the unit.

Colonial America

Colonial America leads students on an exploration of the colonies, culture, people, religion, and wars in the time between the Pilgrims’ arrival and the American Revolution. There is information about politics and daily life, as well as extensive lists of links that will help all students researching the period.

The Great Strike

The Great Strike tells the story of textile workers who joined together to protest a pay cut in the winter of 1912. The two-month work stoppage, which later became known as the Bread and Roses strike, drew national and international attention for its scale and tactics, and it helped bring about changes that improved the lives of working people for years to come. Students will learn about the conditions that led to the strike, the risks and hardships strikers endured, and the impact of their efforts. By analyzing this historical event, they will develop an understanding of civic and economic issues that remain relevant today. The unit may be used as a supplement to a U.S. history unit on the Industrial Revolution or Progressivism, or as a stand-alone unit for exploring broader social studies themes and developing literacy skills.

Middle School Assessment

This model promotes student responsibility for learning within a teacher-supported context. It includes a sample eighth-grade science unit on the nervous system.

The Solar System

Even the youngest learners can discover our solar system through this interactive exploration.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Students can explore the universe through their Web browsers. A fully developed Lesson Plan accompanies the activity.

The Civil War: Lesson Plan

Guide your students through the Civil War era with this upper-elementary level literature unit.

Create Your Own Web Page

Anyone can become a World Wide Web author with this simple, step-by-step guide.

Links for Teachers

Small Planet regularly scours the web to find free resources for educators.

Links for Kids

Your students can safely surf through these educational (and fun) sites that we've reviewed for appropriate and reliable content.

Links and Information for Parents

This site provides general information and links on how to help your child develop reading skills and how to get involved and foster literacy.

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