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Imagine a classroom full of children having lively, meaningful conversations about books. What would it take to get children so engaged in their reading that they'd be eager to talk about it with their classmates? How could a curriculum be structured to support student-led discussions? And how could reading, writing, speaking, and listening be integrated in such a curriculum?

These are some of the questions that a team of university researchers and classroom teachers set out to explore in 1989. They developed a curriculum centered around small, student-led discussion groups called book clubs. Since that time, they have refined the Book Club program based on their research and experience with many students. Now the materials to create a Book Club curriculum are available to teachers everywhere. These materials include handbooks for elementary and middle school teachers, an instructional videotape, and novel guides with theme-based units for individual trade books.

This website answers the questions that teachers often ask about the program. It explains the methodology of Book Club, including its integration of reading, writing, student-led book clubs, and whole-class discussions. It offers descriptions and samples of Book Club materials and tells you how to order them.

Planet Book Club also offers interactive components for both students and teachers. Classroom Connection allows students to communicate with their peers in other regions through online discussions of books. The Teacher Forum facilitates the sharing of ideas, questions, and comments among Book Club teachers anywhere in the world.

If you're interested in professional development opportunities for your school or district, Planet Book Club can help. In-service or full-day seminars can be arranged with a Book Club program author or an experienced Book Club teacher. We're flexible, so feel free to contact us about your particular needs.

To learn more about Book Club and the exciting possibilities for literacy instruction in today's classroom, use the links at the top of this page.