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Book Club Online Novel Guides

Program Author: Taffy E. Raphael

ebook (pdf format) Price: $17.95

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Table of Contents

Book Club Online Novel Guides are available for these novels:

    Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

    Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

More titles are coming soon! Click on a title above to order a guide. We'd love to hear what novels you teach with and would like to see in a Book Club Online Novel Guide. Information about the novels featured in our regular guides appears here. To suggest other titles, please email us at!

About Book Club Online Novel Guides

Book Club has always been about helping students read and talk about great books. In 2020, many teachers faced the daunting task of transitioning to online teaching when classroom instruction suddenly moved from the school setting to web apps. Book Club Online Novel Guides are designed to support teachers and students as they adapt to and embrace this new kind of language arts learning.

Each novel guide provides an overview of the Book Club program that explains how students engage with literature and with each other through the program's unique use of small-group discussions. It also provides explicit support for teaching online, including tools for planning a Book Club unit and for presenting instruction through a meeting app. Lesson plans clearly outline the instruction and support students' online book clubs as well as their independent homework.

The novels featured in our novel guides have been carefully selected as suitable for students' book club discussions—each one has plenty of content to sustain meaningful conversations. For teachers, novel guides provide book summaries, thematic links, and related readings. Each guide also places the teaching of the novel in the context of an optional extended unit. Daily lesson plans include reading assignments, detailed lessons tied to the language arts curriculum, and journal-writing prompts for students. Consumable pages range from student goal-setting and self-assessment to support for novel-related writing assignments.

Novel guides are available in downloadable PDF format.

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