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Drawing of Cannons

Although the colonists were the first Europeans to live in the Americas, these lands were not deserted upon their arrival. They were inhabited by Native Americans who, for centuries, had created their own traditions and lived without the knowledge that people from other parts of the world even existed. In the colonists' drive to conquer this new land, the settlers often clashed with the native inhabitants. The vast differences in culture and beliefs caused great conflict and bloodshed between the newcomers and the American Indian groups they encountered.

Drawing of Tomahawk

During the French and Indian War, one notable personality emerged on the side of the English Twenty-one-year-old George Washington led the English militia against the French. Although his efforts resulted in defeat, the military experience helped prepare him for the Revolutionary War that would be fought against England a few years later.

From the breakout of the Pequot War in 1637 to the end of Pontiac's Rebellion in 1766, warfare between American Indian groups and European settlers was almost constant. Presented here in chronological order are historical accounts of major conflicts that took place during the colonial era.